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This journal is friends-only.
If you want to be added, please comment on this entry.



Hi there. I've been away, so I missed your new-journal announcement (if there was one). I was just browsing armydreamers and saw your post. I've added you, and would like if you added me back.
No problem :) I've added you.
I discovered your journal through some mutual friends (laudenum, vaysha and shebreathes) and added you.
Hey, I was just looking through some old posts and I noticed I completely forgot to say thank you for adding me. So, thank you :)
pssst...it's angelicque...i'm over here now ;)
Oh, sorry I didn't realise you had another journal. I thought you were just using engelundgreg now. I'll add you straight away :)
we were supposed to...then realized personal journals are kind of necessary ;)

thank you :)
I understand :)
may I add you? I would like to see more photos...and we have simular interests.

Hananh Daisy xx
Sure, I've just added you :)
it seems we have much in common, I've friended you, I hope that you don't mind :).
Of course not :) I've just added you back
why thank you :).
You're not intruding at all :) Thanks for the info - I'll definitely go and join :)
Hi Fael, today, reading my friends page I've noticed there are no posts of you, so I've gone to moonfever and seen that you are aileana now. I've added you I hope you don't mind :)
Of course not :) To be honest I'm quite unsure as to why I didn't add you when I created this new account :S Nevertheless, I've added you now :) Nice to have you back
I'd like to be your friend (again! ;))

xx elisa
Absolutely :)
hi, you don't know me, but I'd like to be your friend anyway
Sure :) I'll add you right away

(sorry for taking so long to get back to you)
Thats all right, and thanks
hello. we have some things in common. can i add you?
Of course :) I'll add you now
thanks! i've added you. :)
was there a reason you deleted me?
really, i'm quite worried that i did something to offend you, or something? please could you tell me?
Hey sweetie

I am so sorry. I deleted a few rss feed journals from my friends list a few days ago and I think I may have accidently ticked your name as well. It certainly was NOT intentional, and you haven't done anything at all to offend me. Unfortunately I've not been getting all the 'reply to your post' emails from LJ recently and I only just received your comment today.

I am really sorry. As I said, it was nothing against you at all. I've already added you back.
would you dare adding a complete stranger? :)
Hell, why not! I've just added you.

Can I ask where you found me from? Just interested to know :)